Warehouse Gym Members: are entitled to one “Buddy pass card”  in any 12 month period and can bring a buddy along the first saturday of every month.

The buddy pass can be used for one buddy at a time. The Gym member must have their buddy pass card with them in order for their buddy to be permitted to use the gym.
The member must accompany their buddy to reception before entering the gym must always accompany the buddy on the gym floor.
The Warehouse Gym member can only bring in a buddy five times in any 12 month period, it can be the same buddy five times or five different buddies.

Buddy pass cards can be collected at reception. Your buddy pass card will be stamped or signed by the warehouse gym staff members each time you use a buddy pass.

Buddy pass cards will become invalid if their membership is cancelled or whilst their membership is frozen or suspended buddy pass cards are not transferable. Buddy pass cards that are lost, will not be replaced. A  Warehouse Gym member is someone currently holding one of our Warehouse memberships.



The buddy: must be 16yrs+ must be accompanied by the member at all times and must complete the Induction Waiver Form and contact information (gym inductions are not included in this offer) must read our health statement before entering the gym must adhere to the gym rules – bring a towel, wear appropriate clothing and footwear, tidy up any weights used and wipe down equipment after use can only use the gym; no other facilities are included in the offer