Healthy meal options available for purchase at The Warehouse Gym

All meals are cooked and delivered on Tues, Thurs and Sat and are sold from the gym.

All meals are €8 and are packed with approximately 520+ calories with 30+ grams of Protein per meal.

Some of the many meals available:


Lemon Chicken Curry & Basmati Rice & Mix Veg

The fresh produce available in Galway city & county is such a welcome sight with vibrant fruits and vegetables all around! The Warehouse Gym & Clean Cut Meals has teamed up to bring you some great citrus recipe! I love citrus in my foods and desserts and the recipe we’ve got for you is a tangy, zingy chicken dish that tastes like spring in every bite!


Lemon Chicken Breast & Roast Veg & Potatoes

It doesn’t get much tastier, or more satisfying. A complete chicken dinner in one convenient serving. Lemon brightens this cozy winter meal, but the classic flavors are sure to elicit cries for a second helping any time of the year. This tangy chicken dish is a whole meal in itself, served complete with a roasted veg mix.


B&Q Chicken Breast & Sweet Potato Wedges & Fine Beans

If you are a typical healthy eater, you cook most of your meals at home, eat reasonable portions and take good care to fill up on nutritious foods to fuel your body. But what if you get a craving for fast food? Well, look no further. Let Clean Cut Meals & The Warehouse Gym take care of everything with this dish that ticks all the boxes. You’re craving will be satisfied in no time!

More options available ...