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Product Description

The Warehouse Gym Corporate Special Offer


-12 Months Gym Membership

-Custom Program Design

-6 Assessments Throughout

-Amazon Fire HD8 Tablet

Terms and Conditions

12 Months full membership to The Warehouse Gym, Old Monivea Road, Galway.

You will receive your first assessment on day one when a program will be designed to suit your needs. One of our expert instructors will design a program for fat loss, muscle gain, postural correction and general strength. This Program will be improve body composition and reduce health risk factors of the modern sedentary lifestyle associated with long office hours sitting at a desk.

Your 6 Assessments will be planned with your designated instructor. Failure to show up at the pre selected time will result in your submission of that single assessment.

Your Gym membership will commence from the date of purchase.

Gym memberships can be purchased online via our website store.

You will recieve all receipts once purchased online or in Gym.

Your Amazon Fire HD will be shipped to your address upon membership purpose.

The Amazon Fire Tablet can be used for communication, Workout and nutritional tracking as well as Mobile viewing of individual exercise instruction.

We see the use of such technology a very effective method at reducing the overall learning curve and improving adherence to a corrective training and nutritional plan.

We believe that taking advantage of modern technology such as the Kindle Fire HD drastically improves a clients success in their health and fitness goals.


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