Gym Equipment Rental

Due to the closure of Gyms we will once again be renting our equipment to our members for the 4 week lockdown. 

Gym equipment rental will take place in the ORANMORE gym location between 2pm and 6pm on the 31/12/20. (New Years Eve)

This will be a First Come First Served System. We will not be accepting advanced bookings. We ask members to form a socially distanced queue outside the Gym doors and we will assist you with equipment rental one by one


You must be a gym member to rent equipment

You will be billed weekly via Direct Debit. You will need a valid IBAN with you or you cannot rent any equipment. 

You can rent as much equipment as you can carry out of the gym yourself. We will have limited staff and as such not be able to assist you to your car. Please bring help if you need assistance. 

The contract duration is for 4 weeks. We will contact you via email in 4 weeks with more details about how to return equipment.

For a full list of equipment prices please see below.